The Home Stretch

Well, here it is. My final post for my Evolution and Human Behavior class. How did this semester go by so fast? Honestly, at the start of this whole experiment using word press I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to really “learn” anything. I figured alls I had to do was make a couple blog posts and that would be it. Boy was it so much more than that. This class has taught me so much about both evolution and human behavior and how the two coincide. I’ve learned mass amount about genes, genetics, theories of evolution, all about Darwin, human behavior and the brain in different situations such as distress or happiness. It was super interesting to see what my peers were blogging about too and how each of their topics related to the class. It was also always very cool when a peer of mine and I were writing about the same topics. I could see if we had similar material, or if we took the question two different ways, or see if they found anything interesting about the topic that I may have missed or over looked. I was able to use this class and my blog to learn and write about topics that I felt passionately about, which made it way easier for me to learn because it was something I was passionate about such as genetic screening and Autism. By writing these blogs I was forced to learn about hyper linking, attributing photos, how to set up a blog site and Twitter and I needed to do extensive background research on each topic I posted about. All in all, I learned ALOT more than I thought I would about every aspect of this class. Turns out, I LOVE blogging and researching things that interest me and posting about them to share with the world information I wish I had known earlier. I also love tweeting about things that actually matter, such as politics, the health care system and the Boston Red Sox.  I would give this class a 10/10 and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in biology. I look forward to posting more throughout the summer and my adventures through graduate school on both this blog and twitter. Who knew I would actually end up using something from a class after the class was over? Thanks Dr. Cangialosi!


One thought on “The Home Stretch

  1. I am so glad you had a great experience! And I am especially happy that you plan to keep on blogging- definitely keep me posted, I would love to keep reading your work! Good luck and have a great summer!


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